Regard Your Life with Kindness

As I was reading and rereading Psalm 22 this verse really stood out to me:

For he has not ignored or belittled the suffering of the needy.
He has not turned his back on them,
but has listened to their cries for help.

Psalm 22:24

Here I see a glimpse of who God is, of who Truth and Love is and I’m struck by how much our God is compassion. Here in this Psalm I see God is someone who gives awareness to, who sees, who listens and who lines up with your experience and validates that it’s happening.

Sadly I think I’ve known, we’ve known, this God as something much more ethereal than what I find here. God became someone big and above and something our prayers can go up into the abyss to.

Because of that, for far too long we can end up walking around with mental stories we’ve internalize that sound nothing like our real God we see here. We walk with stories that tell us we are “needy” or too afraid and not brave enough, stories that remind us of our inabilities, things we could never become or be and ultimately ones that sound nothing like Truth.

The truth is God does not ignore. He does not belittle. God does not turn to human, fragile David when he’s freaking out and feeling alone and say “You should be able to trust me better.” or “You’re so needy. You keep bugging me. You always need my help or presence or me to comfort you.” or even “David, it’s fine. This is no big deal. Why are you freaking out?”

No. David, human, fragile, fearful, help-needing David is met with compassion. With a voice of “I see you’re hurting. I see your struggle. I validate that this is really really hard for you. I’m listening. I’m with you.”

Often we learn to defer more to the voices in our heads that we probably picked up from other people or media. We forget to pause and ask if they are even our real voices or God’s voices. When you’re afraid? What’s your mind saying? Is it reminding you like this passage that you are heard, that this is scary and that’s OK cause you’re a human allowed to feel? Or is it telling you your inadequate, alone, and making a struggle out of things that shouldn’t be hard or awkward? That second voice is not the truth.

Every thought, every feeling, every notion you have… it’s OK. You’re human and this is all part of the human experience.

We have a God who looks on us, who validates our humanity and from that space of safety and care helps us out. The next time we are afraid or feeling the need for care, help, love or wisdom let’s remember we have a God who will never ignore that or belittle our experience. Our God will listen, He will see, and He will be with us face to face.

Extra Musings and Random Thoughts

Isn’t that photo amazing? That is no filter – just the sheer beauty of reality this past Sunday. Love that I get to enjoy gorgeous views like this and live close to a fabulous little city all in Lancaster, PA!

I’m currently reading Shaunna Nequist’s book Present Over Perfect and really enjoying it. She is so vulnerable, chapters are digestible in short doses and there’s a lot to chew on and learn about living healthy, faithful and deep. It was some of her work that I realized I was like her in that the person I prayed to often felt ethereal. Recommend her work!

Saw The Lumineers this past weekend. They are always so fantastic live!! Love their music. First time I was at The Merriweather Post Pavilion. Nice to experience the venue, couldn’t see though from how crowded the lawn was! The Mann Center still wins out as my favorite “local” outdoor venue.

If you’re looking for new music…This past week was amazing for new music. Local Natives, Bastille, The Head and The Heart, Grouplove and more. So so good!! Bastille and The Head and The Heart are favorites.