Allowing Complexity

There’s something deep within us that likes judging. It’s so much easier to have a code for life. This is “right”. That is “wrong”. Search for the code, obey it, move on. Everything has an answer in that “reality”. There are no hard questions or things that can’t be “figured out”. […]

White Cliffs of Conoy Allowing Complexity

My backyard Summer Chairs - You do not need to be good.

You Do Not Need to Be Good

“‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.” –  Luke 15:31 As a woman with a personality that is great for getting things done well, for being responsible, reliable, hardworking and for always getting an A, I did well with the objective parts […]

So Here I Am

Light up the way of Your heart Move me like You do the mountains Move me like You do the wind And I’ll chase Your voice through the dark Fix my eyes on the unexpected In the wonder of Your shadow-step, Take another step. – Shadow Step, Hillsong United So here […]

Hanauma Bay - So here I am

Fully Human 2

I was made in the fires Of your care for me Any strength that I have Yeah you gave it to me And I will find you in the next life Allman Brown This year for Lent I decided to do the Whole30. I knew it would “be a lot” […]

Fully Human Lenten Flower

It's What I Need

It’s What I Need

“Heaven is closer than you know.” – Hillsong United At the end of last year, I was brimming with joy. Abundant family time, cuddles with our newest family member and last-hurrah’s with friends for the year plus reflecting on all the growth and connection that happened this past year had me […]

Honestly Savor

Every Expectation is a Resentment in the Making. – Richard Rohr Before the year began, I had chosen the word Savor to be my primary focus for 2016 and Honesty as a secondary thought to guide me. Savor because I wanted to realize how precious life is in each & every moment and […]

Advent Savor

Giving Thanks

On Needing to Give Thanks

Gratitude is something I’ve needed lately. The reason I pause and tell you I need it, is because I’m realizing we all do. Gratitude changes us. It grounds us and adds a spaciousness to reality. It cannot change our circumstance, but it can significantly change how we relate to it. Gratitude opens […]


It’s been awhile since I’ve written, but this blog, this desire to speak, to use the voice that only I have, a voice given by God, a voice uniquely mine to speak, to help, to heal, to love has been bubbling amidst this life-filled month. This post, and this blog […]


Life Craves Vision

Life Craves Vision

This past month was a blur. It sped through filled with wonderful things. My calendar was more like a puzzle that needed pieced together just so for it to end as a work of art, otherwise it would’ve been a jumbled bunch of chaotic stress. Thankfully I knew that before it started. […]