winter-sky-1.16We all need ways to ground ourselves. Lately the sky has been my saving grace to do just that.

The sky has been incredible lately. After the storm covered our world in heavy white, the sky has has surprised me every day in many moments – when I wake up, on the way to work, every drive home, and even the breath taking pastels that morning right after the storm. It’s beyond what I could ever attempt to replicate by painting and it’s always unique, special, changing moment by moment. I’ve been so grateful for it.

Lately I’ve caught myself, especially after getting home from an overfull day of work, just staring out my back door window gazing at the sunset. It stretches vast behind all the homes, all the people commuting, this beautiful dynamic master piece coloring the world. It settles me. I look up and I remember my place. Once again I remember I’m not the one making this thing called Life happen. I am a mere part within a grander painting. The One who makes this amazing skyline is here, so much bigger, always present, always painting, always bringing beauty and significance. All I have to do is stop and see it.

And so, I look up. I feel my breath quieting knowing God’s above, around, and even within, tinting everything with the colors of His light. It grounds me yet again, in the moment, in who God is and who I am. I’m right here, this moment, this place. Not in the thoughts swirling in my head, but here. Below this sky of color. Breathing in the same air that dances like a canvas past the edges I can see. Once again God is bigger than me, bigger than my thoughts, worries, and unknowns. And I remember, I don’t need to be as big as I thought. I can rest in being just a small, beautiful, very important, yet very free to let go, piece of it all. If He is the one who paints beautiful things out of everything, then I no longer have to play that role. I get to simply relish my somehow being a part of something so breathtaking.

When you feel like life’s a snow storm, your thoughts won’t quit and they spiral around clouding the clear sky beneath, find something that grounds you like the sky has for me. Find something that puts you back in your proper place which feels so right. Something that can remind you God is bigger. God is with you. God is here. All surrounding. Now. Always. Coloring, painting, crafting something beautiful.

All is OK. God is still God. We don’t have to be the ones to make something out of nothing, Someone is already doing that for us, even with us if we remember to settle inside His present work.

See the sky. Become grounded beneath the incredibly beautiful handiwork pointing to the brilliance of God who is always making artwork out of thin air.

Extra Musings and Random Thoughts

Cannot even explain how grateful I am for my cousins, neighbor, roommate, & family who worked really hard to get me dug out after the storm. THANK YOU!!

Went bowling for the first time in forever with friends. What a fun way to hangout! And yes, my nonexistent skill level has not changed. 😉

This weekend felt so great to get out and about, see people I love, run errands, go to church, etc. after that weekend of being snowed in. I could tell everyone felt that way… no matter where I went it was PACKED!

Loved a roommate dinner catch up at Trio’s Friday night. If you’re ever looking for a low-key place to get a good drink and meal, Trios Bar and Grill is one of my favorites.

Thankful Aussie & the Fox (my favorite restaurant in the city) is open a little earlier again! Missed them for breakfast catch ups with my dad. If you go, get the “dirty hippy”, a latte with chai powder, and thank me later.

No I’m not turning into a food blogger, but my family went out to Sa La Thai Sunday night and we all loved our meals. The sauce on mine was so good you could have eaten it by itself.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend, week and my life! great. You are appreciated.