Grace is Christmas. Grace is Christ. Grace is now.

This year I’ve been focusing on the word grace. A word I still admit I struggle to understand. But then again, can I ever fathom that which isn’t deserved? It defies all logic. It is free. It’s grace.

This week as Advent has begun, I’m struck by the sheer abundance of Grace in the truth of Christmas.

Grace is a God choosing to take on the flesh and blood struggle of being human to say “I love you.” Not because humanity ever lived rightly, perfectly, honorably. But because God said so. God desired to love us and chose within to never back out of that choice.

Grace is God choosing to live as a fellow human to show us what radical love looks like despite knowing we would continually struggle to live as he displayed.

Grace is God choosing to use ordinary, unknown men and women to birth the human-God-man.

Grace is Christ. Grace is “Behold I’m making all things new.” Grace is that truth that silently but loudly speaks to us in all the little ways we feel loved, we see life come out of death, we see forgiveness and new-beginnings wrap themselves around what seemed hopeless. Spring. Plants from seeds. Redeemed relationships. Forgiven flaws. Struggle turned stamina. All is grace.

So I hope and I pray that you along with me take regular moments, as often as we can, to remember the grace. To look for the grace. To see the grace already here. May we remember that way way back when all seemed lost, when all seemed as if God had forgotten about humanity, when all seemed utterly dark and bleak God physically broke into the story out of sheer love because that’s what God does.

May we remember the grace-filled truth this season seen in the Jesus Christ story that God is one of surprises, of continually pursuing love, of never letting us go, of working within creation and people, of life circumstances never being too far gone for Good to come out of them and to them.

Grace, peace, and hope this Christmas friends.

Little Extras

I love this time of year. But it can get crazy fast. I love people and I love fun things…. that means booking my schedule can be all too easy. This year I am grateful for the mindful pulling back. The less-is-more mentality and enjoying instead the moments with those I love with more presence, the calm quiet cozy nights at home with twinkle lights on and a kitty nearby, the time I get to exercise, eat well, read devotionals and center myself. Hard to pull back, but God’s in the quiet as much as the bustle.

New music lover? Here’s my list for December 2017!

Now almost 9 years old and I still read it each year – Preparing for Christmas by Richard Rohr. I highly highly recommend this tiny book and the time you will spend daily contemplating the truth of Christ and Christmas. It still speaks to me every year and calls me forward into real hope and change from within.

I truly hope and pray you all experience Christ’s subtle touches all season long. Thanks for reading!